Big Box Air Conditioners for Large Indoor Spaces

-BLDC inverter compressors for enhanced temperature control precision and energy efficiency.

-EC supply air and condenser air fans.

-Double skin PIR panel and pentapost construction providing: low thermal conductivity of the casing, neat inspection doors, panel removal capability for large access openings, and design flexibility.

-Integrated bag filters (optional).

-Integrated control system. A supervisory control system is provided as standard for use with a BMS. Upgrade to the ClimaSync Control System is available which manages all functions of the unit for standalone operation.

-Economy cycle dampers (optional) to provide free-cooling when ambient conditions are suitable. Internal return air relief dampers are available if required.


Air Change "Big Box" RTUs are suitable for big open indoor spaces which may include


-Distribution centres

-Shopping centres



Download and view the product brochure (PDF).

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