Reverse Cycle Packaged Unit for Conditioning Large Amounts of Fresh Outside Air

-Air-to-air heat exchangers for minimising outside air loads.

-The option of sensible-only or enthalpy heat exchanger media types.

-Integrated reverse cycle DX systems.

-Optional BLDC inverter compressors for enhanced temperature control precision and energy efficiency.

-EC fans.

-Optional ClimaSync Control System for ensuring performance and reliability.

-Optional economy cycle mode for energy savings through free cooling.

-Optional return air bypass mode for early morning warm-up or fresh air demand matching.

-Can be designed for CAV or VAV operation.

-Optional integrated humidifiers for complete indoor humidity control. Learn more here: https://www.airchange.com.au/cms/?new=integrated-humidifiers


Air Change Rooftop Packaged Units are suitable for any buildings needing significant amounts of fresh outside air, which may include:

-Assembly halls.

-Lecture theatres.

-Gyms and sporting facilities.


-Commercial and public spaces.


Download and view the product brochure (PDF).

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