Air Change Australia released several new products into the market at this year’s ARBS, firstly unveiling its Low Dewpoint Dehumidifier (LD-ACDHUM). As its name suggests, the unit is designed to supply air at critically low dew point levels, dehumidifying air to below 3.5°C dew point temperature at approximate moisture contents of 5 g/kg.

The DX heat pump system utilises a combination of patented heat exchange technology and sophisticated evaporator pressure controls to achieve supply air conditions that would normally require the use of desiccants. The unit is particularly useful in supermarkets, cold stores and process applications. General Manager Shane Carmichael recommended “Anywhere that requires very dry air, this would be a cost effective, simple solution.” Also on display was the In Ceiling Energy Recovery Ventilator for high rise apartments (ERV-IC 120) with its internationally patented heat recovery technology. The ERV-IC 120 utilises energy efficient air to air counter flow plate heat exchangers and provides an effective solution for high rise residential projects with fluctuating wind conditions. The inbuilt controller modulates EC plug fans on supply and exhaust air streams to combat high wind pressures against the building. This is an ideal solution for high rise apartment complexes, retail and commercial applications. “The system facilitates ventilation direct to atmosphere, removing the need for exhaust risers,” Carmichael said. Alongside Air Change was Fan Coil Sales, showcasing a quality ‘FCS’ Air Handling Unit designed for Australian conditions using plug fans for the supply air and stainless steel trays. “It’s an extremely robust air handling unit that we manufacture in our facility”, he said. “It’s a customised system. In this unit we have a unique configuration for our return and supply air, that’s specifically suited for the project.” As a locally based manufacturer, Air Change gives clients additional flexibility when ordering products, with teams of engineers and designers to tailor units to suit specific requirements. “Being an Australian manufacture allows us to customise the product more easily,” Carmichael said.

The company has expanded from its original Caringbah location and has grown to employ over 50 staff in its manufacturing facility in Milperra, NSW and another 30 staff in its offices around Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

For more information on Air Change’s award winning products, visit www.airchange.com.au.

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