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Indoor pools and spas need to be well ventilated to ensure a healthy indoor air environment. Conditioning the air inside a heated indoor pool space is a particularly challenging and energy intensive process in which three major factors must be addressed; heat and water loss, indoor air quality and corrosion.

Designers must be aware that most guidelines for indoor pool design do not address all these aspects adequately and they must therefore carefully consider their design and the equipment they select. Air Change have provided many indoor pools and aquatic centres with heat recovery systems designed to effectively ventilate, eliminate moisture and condition the air.

Please see below Air Change installation case studies. For a full list of installations please contact your nearest Air Change Office.

Brunswick Baths

After serving the surrounding community for almost 100 years, the Brunswick Baths in Victoria...

Tweed Regional Aquatic Centre

Tweed Regional Aquatic Centre (TRAC) in Murwillumbah features a year-round indoor pool with a...

Ryde Aquatic Centre

An opportunity to resolve some of the energy and water issues was made available to the Ryde City...


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