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Air Change has a comprehensive Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) range designed to reduce the outdoor air load on your air conditioning system. We can provide Rooftop ERVs for large commercial buildings and In Ceiling or Wall Mounted ERV models to suit a variety of applications including, small offices, apartments, classrooms or demountable buildings.


The Air Change Energy Recovery Ventilator In Ceiling 120 provides an effective solution for high...

ERV - Energy Recovery Ventilator

The Energy Recovery Ventilator range is designed to be used when high fresh air quantities are...

ERV-IC - In Ceiling Energy Recovery Ventilator

A fully ducted fresh air unit designed to be used in conjunction with conventional air conditioners ...

ERV-IC-ECP - In Ceiling Energy Recovery Ventilator

The ERV-IC-ECP provides the solution for a wide variety of commercial building projects, with...

ERV-IC 70 - In Ceiling Energy Recovery Ventilator

Many apartment buildings and houses are now being tightly sealed for improved energy efficiency,...

ERV-WM - Wall Mounted Energy Recovery Ventilator

Designed to introduce fresh air into an air conditioned space. Installation can be done simply...


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