Industry Recognition

Our contribution to the development of energy efficient HVAC and climate control products has been acknowledged through the receipt of multiple Australian air conditioning industry awards, namely:

  • AIRAH “Excellence in Innovation” award in 2013 for the Data Centre Unit
  • AIRAH “Excellence in Innovation” award in 2012 for the Dehumidification Unit
  • Australian Refrigeration and Building Services (ARBS) award for 'Environmentally Sustainable Design Product Initiative ’ in 2010 for the Green Building Energy Recovery Unit;
  • AIRAH “Excellence in HVAC” award in 2006 for the Rooftop Packaged Unit;
  • Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) “Excellence in HVAC” award in 2003 for the Energy Recovery Ventilator;
  • SEDA ‘Energy Smart Acknowledgement Award’ in 2002 & 2003 for our commitment to promoting energy efficient products and services;
  • In addition to the recognition given directly to our own products, projects using Air Change technology have been recognised for their contribution to an energy efficient built environment. These include; Pixel, Melbourne Water Data Centre and The Gauge.


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