Energy Recovery Technology

Our core technology is a patented air to air counter-flow heat exchanger which is integral to providing an energy efficient product design. By recycling energy from one air stream to another, buildings can maintain better indoor air quality without the usual energy penalty.

The Air Change technology is:

  • Highly efficient for either enthalpy or sensible applications;
  • Has no moving parts or seals;
  • Compact and modular, allowing for various built configurations; and
  • Pre-packaged within the air treatment unit;

Resulting in equipment which is capital and operating cost effective.

How It Works

The air to air counter-flow plate heat exchanger is a passive device with no moving parts, made up from an array of hundreds of ‘air guiding frames’. Each frame is separated from its neighbouring frame by a transfer media which can either transfer both temperature and moisture (enthalpy) or temperature only (sensible). This separation creates two distinctly different air paths running counter-flow to each other with each ‘odd’ frame being one direction air path, and each ‘even’ frame being the opposite air path.
By passing the spill air through one air path and the incoming outside air through the other, the heat exchanger recycles the energy from the spill air to either pre-cool or pre-heat the incoming outside air before it is further conditioned to the supply air temperature and humidity. This process can reduce the outside air energy load on the air treatment system by up to 75% (depending on climatic and operating conditions). Reducing the peak outside air load reduces air conditioning plant size, energy consumption and carbon emissions.



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