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AIRAH Trade Night 2017- Port Macquarie

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8 Mar 2017

Air Change is excited to be part of the AIRAH Trade Nights 2017 once again with a new look and launch of our new Dehumidification product range. The first trade night of the year was held in Port Macquarie last week, a new venue to bring together contractors, engineers and consultants of Northern NSW for a successful night of networking across the industry. Over 35 visitors enjoyed a night of drinks, canapes and giveaways discussing the latest trends in the HVAC industry.

NSW Sales Manager Paritosh was on site to introduce Air Change’s latest innovations in the Dehumidification range, specifically the ACDHUM-LD, a low dewpoint dehumidifier capable of dehumidifying air to below 50C dew point temperature. As a 100% refrigeration solution, it is particularly ideal for supermarket applications, consuming less electrical power than the typical desiccant system traditionally used. The PoolPac Plus also gauged large interest, a packaged solution simultaneously dehumidifying the pool air and using so as an energy source to reheat the pool water, suitable to Northern NSW’s tropical conditions. As always, show bags and giveaways were available at the Air Change stand throughout a night of networking with both existing and new potential customers.

Air Change is excited to be launching a new look to our Trade Night stands across the country this year. If you missed out on the Port Macquarie Trade Night, contact your nearest sales team to find out more about our products and how we can help with your next HVAC project.  

We now have a new subsequent website specifically for our Dehumidification range. Visit for more information.



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